we are the leading supplier of ships provisions at Hodeidah, Saleef, Mokha and Ras Isa ports. and all ports in yemen We have more than 20 years services in this field. We supply vessels the best quality & fresh products only: · 

All Fresh vegetables, furts,juices, mineral water, · 

All Fresh and frozen meat, chicken, fish items. · 

All Fresh water & Bunker supply. & · All kinds of ship store items.  

Bilge & sludge collection from vessel. Repair and maintenance Motor Rewinding.

Acts of workshops reforms, electric or Mechanical. All marine safety equipment is available.

All spare are available. Repair and maintenance life raft with class certification

Repair and maintenance fire extinguisher with class certification

NB: Oil sludge collection will be free of charge.(only alongside berth).

Therefore, if you required any kind of services, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. Confirm, we can offer you our best service at any time.